Spring 2009 - Issue 5

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New Dress Code at next job fair

By Fa’aso’o Yvette Bocskor
Chaminade Silversword

Now a new dress code for attending the Career Fair on Oct. 24 at the Ching Conference Center located in Eiben Hall on the second floor. The event will be from 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“Students who are not wearing ‘business casual’ will not be allowed into the fair,” said Kimberly Graves, Director of Student Support Services who has worked in Chaminade for the past 15 months. “We have put this rule in place because of negative feedback from employers over the past several career fairs.  When students come dressed in casual or beach wear, employers take that as a strong message that students are not serious about their careers.”

The attendance of the students who go to the career fair according to Graves, is around 100. Graves believes every student can benefit from attending the career fair, that it is not just for seniors. Students can learn about the different career fields, find out what the employers have to offer and as well as what the employers are looking for. The number of employers attending the fair is not yet complete.

“Every fair we ask students for feedback on who they would like to have attend the fair,” Graves said. “Based on that feedback we do our best to recruit employers that our students want to meet.  For example we have had a lot of feedback from criminal justice majors who want to see more employers related to their degree.  Based on that, I have been in contact with several law enforcement agencies, and this fall the local NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service) office is attending as well as the Kauai Police Department.”  

One of the new employers attending the career fair is KITV, the American Broadcasting Company. Graves said that she was very excited to see them coming to Chaminade’s Career Fair since she has been trying to get someone from the media to attend.

Graves has a few tips as to what students should do before attending the career fair. She also mentioned the fact that the Chaminade’s Career Service will be assisting students with resume’s if they need help or need it to be reviewed and updated. They will be offering a resume workshop on Oct.13.     

Graves said that students can print up personal business cards to hand out. Students should think about what they want employers at the fair to know about them and have a short speech ready, which the Career Service calls it, elevator speech.  This means that a student has a few seconds, like the time of an average elevator ride, to tell the employers who you are, what your major is, what you hope to do when you graduate and the main highlights of accomplishments. 

“Career Services is partnering with the Academic Achievement Program (AAP) to do a workshop called Work it at Work,” Graves said. “This workshop will discuss what appropriate work attire is, and how to get clothes on a shoestring budget.  We are also giving away raffle prizes including a free session with a Nordstrom consultant, along with gift certificates.”

The Work it at Work workshop will take place at Henry 221 on Oct. 19 at 12:30 p.m.  Graves said that students need to register at the AAP office and all Chaminade students are welcome.

If students have any more questions about the Career Fair, they can contact Graves by e-mail at kimberly.graves@chamiande.edu and by phone at (808)735-4787. Office hours are from Monday-Friday at 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.