Spring 2009 - Issue 5

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Service Learning at Chaminade

James Gerber

Each year, Chaminade University of Honolulu partakes in its Annual Service Learning Day Celebration, which is held at the Ching Conference Center. The idea behind this event is to move students out of the classroom and provide a more hands on experience that allows them to participate and reflect on the social, intellectual and political issues within their community.

The purpose of the event was to encourage the professors and students to become more involved with one another by sharing a common idea that benefits its community. Kuldip Shergill stated, "The event was a success. It provided lots of information, while creating a up-beat atmosphere for the students."

The event also consisted of various activities that allowed the students to learn more about the Service Learning program and what it has to offer. The celebration held a drawing of raffles where professors and students were able to win free t-shirts.

The main activity was a scavenger hunt, which promoted the students participation in engaging into learning all aspects of Service Learning. This was done by handing out a slip of paper with a specific question that each student need to find an answer to by attending the information booths at the event.

After students were able to complete their scavenger hunt, the event catered to offering a variety of cultural foods such as mixed salads, pasta, sushi etc."Overall, it was a productive function," said Saul Cartegena, an attendee. "There were games and great food."

 The Service Learning Program allows its students to take part in having a positive impact by presenting their use of learning skills to its University. The event was a success in presenting necessary information about its purpose, while encouraging its faculty and students to become more involved with one another and their community.