Spring 2009 - Issue 5

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Big Mac Mondays at McDonald's

Darren Wong and Mekel James, Staff Writers

Super Sack Big Mac Mondays! 2009 marks the 41st year of the Big Mac sandwich and also the 41st anniversary of McDonalds in Hawaii. McDonalds of Hawaii partnered with the University of Hawaii in 2008 to donate $500 to the University of Hawaii Athletics Department, for every sack that UH Warriors deliver to the opposing team.

This is the second year of the Super Sack Big Mac Mondays promotion. Customers who purchase a Big Mac Extra Value Meal on Mondays at any McDonalds restaurant in Hawaii, will receive an additional Big Mac sandwich free of charge.

Students at Chaminade University frequently dine at the McDonalds located on Waialae Avenue, since it is the closest McDonalds to the CUH campus.

Sophomore Natalie Phanphengdy said that it’s a good thing that McDonalds offers such a great deal on Mondays for their Big Mac promotion especially considering the fact that the economy is bad and the cost of dining out is on the rise. Phanphengdy also said that since “Mickey D’s” food is cheaper than most fast food restaurants, then you’re really getting more bang for your buck.

There are students that think that this is a bad promotion due to the fact that McDonalds food is not considered healthy because of the “Super Size Me” documentary, starring independent filmmaker Morgan Spurlock that came out in 2004. The movie showed how fast food corporations encourage poor nutrition merely for the sake of profit; since 539.95 calories are equivalent to one Big Mac.

Freshman Ashley Mae Augustin said, “I think it’s a bad way for McDonalds to promote their food of offering an additional unhealthy Big Mac sandwich for free on Mondays. Personally I think Subway would have been a better sponsor for UH as they actually do have healthy food and would influence students to eat healthier.”

While many think it is a great deal between UH and McDonalds with the donation of the money to their athletics department, many CUH students feel that it’s unfair.

 “I think that it is unfair that UH, a public university, gets funding when they are already receiving government aid for their athletics programs, while we don’t have enough money for our own sports programs” said Phanphengdy.

There are varying opinions on whether or not this promotion is a good thing, or whether it is promoting bad eating habits. Regardless, the fact is that McDonalds is doing significantly well, and will continue to do so as long as people are willing to eat at their restaurants. Students that prefer eating at fast food restaurants can’t go wrong with the Big Mac Extra Value Meal, for an additional Big Mac for only $5.15. Like the McDonald slogan says “I’m Lovin it!”